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for Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-In

In 2016, I was made aware of my strong passion for brand marketing through a project I completed in the Brand Marketing department of Sonic Drive-In. The experience I had greatly shaped the way I thought about my career path from that point forward. I was very much attracted to the data analytics and strategy aspects of brand management, and I was able to build a solid skill set in each of these areas over the course of a few months. This project, summarized below, includes filtered internal and external brand data, as well as data on our competitors' strategies. It also summarizes the details of several consumer studies that I worked to design with input from key partners.


Ultimately, I compiled the research I did to illustrate a few original brand strategies that I had crafted during my time at Sonic; one of these proposed strategies was tested in Sonic markets around the U.S. 


for Tanger Outlets National Harbor

In my third year at GWU, I took a class in Consumer Behavior in which I was able to collaborate with a team of other future marketing specialists. We established a partnership with management at Tanger Outlet National Harbor, a major outlet mall on the Potomac River in Maryland, and conducted extensive market research for their team. Our insights were largely founded on the hundreds of mall intercept interviews we completed with Tanger customers at the mall. From this data, we were able to brainstorm and design fresh, creative marketing strategies for the brand. 

Tanger Outlets
Foggy Bottom Grocery


for Foggy Bottom Grocery

In 2017, I initiated a research plan to discover the competitors of Foggy Bottom Grocery Store (FOBOGRO) and to learn more about customer attitudes and opinions towards FOBOGRO and its competitors. One piece of this plan was a survey I designed which was completed by a significant sample of target market customers. I summarized the results of this survey in the deck above to quickly and clearly convey to my managers the main motivations of customers and potential customers when shopping for groceries and snacks. 

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